LSL Blue pullman breaks cover

On Friday 30th October 2020 LSL 43055 & 046 left Eastleigh Works for Crewe in the Classic Blue Pullman livery.

The was the celebrate 60 years of the original train which no longer exists. The 2 powercars & Mk3 coaches were painted at Eastleigh into the original Nanking Blue livery and the two powercars have had new lights fitted meaning they don't require a yellow front.

The set was due to be launched on a railtour on the 14th November but this was postponed due to Englands second Covid-19 lockdown but it is hoped it will be launched in December in time for christmas.

LSL 43055 & 046 passing through Winchester working 5Z44 Eastleigh - Crewe. ©Ben Hornbuckle