TPE 802s at Eastleigh

On 23rd March TransPennine Express only 2 Class 802s in the UK arrived at Eastleigh TRSMD for post production mods. 

The 802201 & 202 arrived at 4am working 5X41 from Doncaster. It's not quite known what the mods are that are done to the train but the units will be at the site for a few weeks before returning north.

TransPennine Express have 19 of the Hitachi trains on order being built in Italy for services between Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle and Edinburgh. 802201 & 202 were the first to be delivered but the rest are expected to be delivered shortly. It's unclear whether the other units will go to Eastleigh.


TPE 802202 (left) & 201 (right) at Eastleigh TRSMD

IMG_7029 (2).JPG

802202 & 201 next to stored 442405 in Eastleigh TRSMD